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Published: October 1989

1989 Asbestos in the Home

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Contributors: Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency

1989 Asbestos in the Home

This booklet was prepared by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Its goal is to help consumers understand the possible hazards of exposure to asbestos and materials containing asbestos in the home. The booklet describes asbestos, where it might be found in the home and the possible dangers of exposure to asbestos. The Table of Contents lists the questions answered in this booklet.

The Federal government is concerned about asbestospcontaining products in the home because asbestos fibers may be released if these products are disturbed, as when a floor is sanded or a furnace is removed. Recent studies have shown that the mere presence of asbestos-containing material in homes and buildings does not result in increased exposure to occupants. In contrast, disturbing or removing asbestos-containing products can result in release of asbestos fibers and must only be done under carefully controlled conditions by qualified and experienced persons.

“Asbestos building materials must be removed from a home, this work must only be done by a qualified asbestos removal contractor. Many states now require asbestos contractors to be trained and certified. All repair of asbestos materials must be done with extreme caution.”

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