Provider Services

Case Evaluation & Free Provider Consultation

Are you seeing a patient with Libby Amphibole exposure? Are there questionable findings or symptoms of respiratory disease? If exposed in Libby, many of these patients may be eligible for our nation-wide free asbestos health screening.

CARD is committed to serving all patients effected by Libby Amphibole regardless of eligibility criteria. Our medical providers are available for consultation in coordination with primary care providers or other pulmonary or occupational medicine specialists who are providing the front-line care for patients impacted by Libby Amphibole Disease.

Free informational presentations
Upon request, clinical staff with decades of experience in Libby Amphibole asbestos disease may be available to present at educational conferences, organizational meetings, or academic institutions.

Case Discussions
Distant providers can upload de-identified CT of XRAY images and patients’ clinical presentation to a public forum for comment between CARD and other providers. If you are unable to upload de-identified digital images, CARD will cover the cost to mail the image, which will then be posted.

Published Research on Libby Amphibole

Holistic Specialty Patient Care and Services

The CARD Clinic is located in Libby, Montana and includes a team of providers, nurse case management, respiratory therapists, and support staff all trained in the intricacies of Libby Amphibole Disease. In addition, CARD maintains robust relationships with interventional thoracic radiologists and surgeons, oncologists specializing in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, cardiologists, nutritionists and pulmonary rehabilitation programs.

Experiencing an environmental and public health disaster such as asbestos exposure or any other type of slow motion technological disaster, can have multifaceted impacts on individuals, families and communities. CARD provides support and counseling to assist individuals and families address their complex issues related to asbestos exposure and disease.