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CARD Overview

How is the CARD Clinic managed?

How is the CARD Clinic Funded?

Who is CARD and why are we unique?

What are the benefits of having the CARD Clinic in Libby, MT?

Why is there an asbestos clinic in Libby, MT?

Has asbestos been banned in the United States?

Which types of cancers are attributed to asbestos?

What are the medical effects of asbestos?

Why is asbestos still a risk in Libby?

Where might I encounter asbestos today?

What was asbestos used for?

What is asbestos?

Why should I still consider screening if I was born after the vermiculite mine closed?

Is it safe to go to the CARD Clinic during the pandemic?

How is COVID-19 testing done at the CARD Clinic?

Why is the CARD Clinic a testing site for COVID-19?

Exercise Introduction

Exercise Routines

Metered Dose Inhaler

Dry Powder Inhaler

CARD Provider Video

Facts About Smoking

Diafragmatic Breathing

Purse Lips


Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Asbestos and the Lungs