Springtime Cleaning, and Health and Safety Tips

Check your smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, medical alert devices and emergency kits: These should be periodically checked by testing batteries and checking expiration dates. Emergency kits should be restocked with updated products and expired ones should be discarded properly. Medical alert devices should be easily accessible and operation should be checked periodically.

2. Moving heavy objects: Heavy furniture or objects should never be moved on your own. If you need assistance, please ask family or friends for help.

3. Cleaning: When cleaning do not stand on a chair or a ladder to clean hard to reach spots. Using cordless cleaning tools and lightweight equipment can assist with avoiding trips and falls. You can also reduce the risks of trips and falls by removing unnecessary clutter from your regular walking path.

4. Medicine: It is good practice to keep an updated list of all medications, vitamins and supplements. Additionally, periodically check your medicine cabinet for outdated medications. Outdated medications can be properly disposed of at Granite Pharmacy, CHC and the Sheriff’s department in their medication disposal bins.

5. General checks: Check grab bars, replace bath mats and make sure you shower/bath is non slip. Check that all of your appliances are in good working order and post your emergency contact information on your fridge or somewhere easily visible.

6. Health checkup: Spring is a great time to get all of your health checkups taken care of. An annual physical and preventative care such as mammograms are typically covered by all insurances, and free asbestos health screening is available at CARD. Contact 293-9274 for more information about screening or, if you are diagnosed, to schedule your annual visit.

Noridian Pilot program information and updates:

If eligible Pilot beneficiaries need additional hours to assist with spring cleanup, please contact Noridian Pilot to request these hours, they can be reached at 1-888-469-9464 (Central Standard Time). It is now required by the Pilot Program to provide a referral or documentation for mileage reimbursable services that are not completed at the nearest facility. Example – John sees a dermatologist in Missoula, but there is one available in Kalispell. Reimbursement for this mileage will be denied if a referral is not provided with the request for medical payment. If you have any questions you may contact Stephanie, the CARD Clinic’s case manager, at 293-9274 Ext 139.