Screening Data

Why Asbestos & LCS Screenings Matter

  • LAA was shipped to nearly 300 processing plants around the country
  • An estimated 30 million homes across America contain LAA contaminated insulation
  • A person exposed to asbestos is 5x more likely to develop lung cancer
  • 31 confirmed cases of lung cancer discovered by the CARD Lung Cancer Screening Program
  • As of 2012 over 400 deaths have been attributed to asbestos related disease
  • CARD diagnoses 100’s of people each year with asbestos related disease
  • Due to mass contamination and exposure CARD sees an average 43 new patients each month
  • Since July 1, 2011 we have provided 6,910 Grant-Funded Health Screenings and 3,277 Grant-Funded Lung Cancer Screenings