Asbestos Abatement Information

“It is important to be able to recognize vermiculite, should you encounter it. If you do not know what it looks like, please visit the EPA Information Center, at 108 E. 9th Street in Libby, to view examples. The asbestos found in vermiculite materials from the former zonolite mine (Libby amphibole asbestos) in Libby is fairly unique. Asbestos is known to cause health effects at low levels of exposure. Because of this, the EPA recommends that people avoid all contact with vermiculite materials from Libby.”

When remodeling or doing yard work within the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site boundary, the local Environmental Resource Specialist (ERS) should be contacted if vermiculite that may contain Libby amphibole asbestos is discovered. The ERS will provide on-the-spot answers to questions. It’s also a good idea to consult with the ERS before a project (e.g. remodeling, excavating, etc.) is started on properties in the Libby area. If you know or think you have found vermiculite in the Libby area, do not disturb it! Contact the ERS at 406-291-5335 for immediate response to discovered vermiculite.

“EPA continues to look for mine-related asbestos sources and contamination in Libby. As a resident, you are most likely to contact this material in the form of contaminated vermiculite (used as insulation or a soil amendment) or asbestos ore (used as decorative landscape rock or driveway gravel).”

If you know or suspect you have these materials on your property, and were not contacted by EPA, please call the EPA information center at 406-293-6194.


“Transportation and disposal of asbestos waste is regulated. It is strongly recommended to use an abatement professional to ensure the work is done properly. Homeowners who do the work themselves must contact DEQ to ensure they are meeting all requirements, including disposal in a landfill license to except asbestos.”

“The Asbestos Control Program at the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) maintains a list of all licensed/ certified asbestos inspectors, abatement contractors, and laboratories in Montana. They also maintain a list of asbestos courses approved by the state of Montana for persons interested in training to be an asbestos inspector, worker, contractor/supervisor, or management plan. Finally, they have a list of Class II landfills that accept friable asbestos.”

You can obtain the latest copy of the list by calling the DEQ at 406-444-3490.